The group leader

The group leader is a user role in SimplyLearn which inherits the ability to: 

  • view reports on course progress for any user in the group
  • view reports on assignment performance for any user in the group
  • send email messages to the entire group

How to add a group leader

To add a new group leader to your course, you need to be logged in as an admin.

  1. Hover over “Users”, click on “Add New User”
  2. Fill in the required information. 
  3. Choose “Group leader” as a role. 
  4. Click “Add New”. 

The role is now created and the user will then get an email where they can set their own password. 

You can also change the role of existing users by following the process below. 

Watch the progression of your group members

By using the “group reports” you can monitor the progress of your course participants. You can see how far in the course your group has come together, or see how far each individual in the group has come.

From this page, you have the opportunity to:

Manage your groups

If you are the group leader for multiple groups, you can see a complete overview of this via the “group management” link. At this link, you will see all the groups you manage and have the opportunity to see the group members in each group. From this page, you can also email your entire group. 

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