Bulk registration for groups

Walkthrough of the functionality

With Simplylearn bulk registration for groups, you have the opportunity to enroll a bunch of students with minimal effort. Lets take an example, you are setting up a course for a organisation and need to enroll 100 students. How can you set this up?

  1. First, you need to create a group for the Organization, and connect course access to the group.
  2. Then you gather the emails and the names of the employees at the Organization and insert the information into a CSV file.
  3. Then you upload the file to the platform.
  4. All students will then receive a email with login information. When they login, they are redirected to their profile and has access to the desired course.


Course Specific Student Reports

The Group Leader can access reports for a course that the Group Leader has purchased. From the drop down, the Group Leader can select a course and the reports for the users who have attempted the course will be displayed.

Email templates

The admin can customize the emails that are sent to admin, group leaders, & students from the settings page at Simplylearn ➞ Group Registration Settings under the Email Settings Tab.