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Assignment templates

By Arild Voraa Tjelle | January 10, 2022

If you want to use the same assignment settings for several assignments, you should use Simplylearn’s assignment templates. This allows you to save the settings in one assignment and upload the same settings in other assignments. How to create new templates and upload existing templates Go to the specific assignment…

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Good Overview With Course and User Report

By Sunniva Fjellestad | August 1, 2020

Simplylearn offers very useful reporting tools for admins to keep track of courses and participants’ progression. In Simplylearn you find a reporting account with an overview of all courses in your platform. From this menu, you can find reports from specific courses and the users within them. Overview Charts and…

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Online Museum: Over 450 Participants During Covid-19!

By Sunniva Fjellestad | July 1, 2020

For Telemark Museum, Covid-19 required a big turn-around. This sparked the idea of creating an online museum. According to Erine Amundal who works at the museum, they were expecting around 1400 pupils for school visits during the spring. – We realized that we needed to digitalize our program in one…

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Xpand running live and online course for 70 participants

By Sunniva Fjellestad | June 16, 2020

Since last fall 70 leaders from Youth With A Mission Norway has gone through an xpand leadership course with Øyvind Augland as a facilitator and has used Simplylearn as a platform for learning online. The participants have received video teaching and assignments online before each of the three live learning…

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