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SimplyLearn are Learndash experts, the top e-learning plugin for WordPress. Our team is your go-to for creating the perfect online course platform for your needs.

Published 17 August 2023
Kiara Skjervheim

Kiara Skjervheim

LearnDash-logo on computer screen

At the heart of SimplyLearn is Martin Morfjord, a tech guy with a passion for shaping the future of education. With a keen eye for innovation and a deep understanding of technology, Martin has played a pivotal role in making SimplyLearn what it is today. Alongside Martin we have a team of Learndash experts who assist clients to create their learning experience in the best way possible.

Mastering Learndash: SimplyLearn’s expertise

SimplyLearn’s technical prowess extends to one of the most revered and widely used e-learning tools – Learndash. As the backbone of many WordPress-based e-learning initiatives, Learndash is more than a plugin; it’s a gateway to seamless and engaging learning experiences. Over the last few years SimplyLearn have become experts in harnessing Learndash’s capabilities to their fullest potential.

Crafting unparalleled learning experiences

We recognise that a truly transformative learning experience goes beyond the technology. Our staff understand the importance of user-friendliness, ensuring that learners can seamlessly navigate the journey from curiosity to enrolment. We emphasise the pivotal role of usability – that crucial step that bridges the gap between interest and action.

Empowering your learning journey

At SimplyLearn, we’re not just about technology; we’re about crafting unparalleled learning experiences. Our team goes the extra mile to help you shape your learning content in the most effective and engaging manner. Whether you’re envisioning a comprehensive online course or a dynamic training module, our expertise ensures that your learners receive an experience that resonates and empowers.

Our host Cloudways are also Learndash experts

Our server, Cloudways, is a recognised supporter of LearnDash. LearnDash stands out for its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, catering to both tech-savvy users and novices and this is why we as SimplyLearn have chosen to use them. As you can read in this article, LearnDash is wholeheartedly endorsed as a premier choice for WordPress LMS plugins, buoyed by Cloudways’ backing and commitment to optimal hosting.

Your journey with SimplyLearn

Are you considering creating an eLearning platform? SimplyLearn are your trusted partners in this endeavour. As you take your next steps towards transforming education and embracing the digital realm, remember that behind the scenes, we at SimplyLearn are working tirelessly to ensure your success. Welcome to a world where technology and education converge seamlessly – try it for yourself on our demo page.

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