Effective transition from Thinkific to SimplyLearn: Senzie’s success story

Senzie Academy efficiently migrated to enhance the learning experience. Reduced administrative time, lecture recording, and more engaging pedagogy.

Published 23 August 2023
Martin Morfjord

Martin Morfjord


Time-saving and efficient solutions

In the ever-evolving world of online education, it’s crucial for businesses to find the most time-saving and efficient solutions to deliver course content to their audience. Senzie Academy, a prominent player in online training, made a significant strategic decision by transitioning from Thinkific to SimplyLearn. This transition resulted not only in increased time savings but also in an improved learning experience for their students.

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Senzie Academy Group

Previously, Senzie Academy used the Thinkific platform to manage and deliver their online courses. While Thinkific offered many useful features for course creation and management, Senzie found that they wanted to better the teaching process. This is where SimplyLearn came in as a partner to assist Senzie Academy in reaching this goal.

Senzie Academy Achieves Efficiency Through Continuous Learning and an Effective Transition

The primary challenge Senzie Academy faced with Thinkific was the time consuming process of managing and updating their courses. They constantly had to copy and paste course content, leading to constant work in writing and using the same process multiple times. This included creating course materials, uploading videos, managing student participation, and evaluating progress. By using SimplyLearn’s services, Senzie Academy was able to streamline the entire process by focusing on making the teaching itself constant, regardless of grade level, and changes only needed to be made once for all classes in a group. This new perspective allowed for good class dynamics in the learning process.

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Senzie Academy Group Gathering

One of the most notable benefits Senzie Academy experienced after the effective transition was the use of lecture recordings. These recordings were placed in groups on the SimplyLearn platform, ensuring compliance with privacy requirements and GDPR regulations. SimplyLearn helped Senzie Academy in recording their teaching sessions in high quality. These recordings were then made available to students, letting them to go through the material at their own pace. This was particularly useful for students with different learning styles and busy schedules.

Enhanced Learning and Focus: SimplyLearn’s Pedagogical Approach Strengthens Student Understanding and Engagement


In addition to the recordings, SimplyLearn helped Senzie Academy improve their online pedagogy. This involved making the course content in a way that was more engaging and easy to follow. By using pedagogical principles and modern e-learning methods, SimplyLearn helped to increase student understanding and attention during the courses.

The results of this effective transition were significant

The effective transition from Thinkific to SimplyLearn was handled seamlessly with minimal disruption for both teachers and students. Senzie Academy was able to migrate the current course content to the new platform and, in partnership with SimplyLearn, adapt it to the new features available.

The results of this effective transition were significant. Senzie Academy experienced a noticeable reduction in time spent on admin and course upkeep. Lecture recordings allowed students to review important material as needed. The improved pedagogy resulted in better student engagement and achievement.

Today, with SimplyLearn as a valuable partner, Senzie Academy continues to thrive in the competitive world of online education. Their success story shows the importance of choosing the right technological solution and partner to achieve maximum efficiency and teaching quality. With 70% online education that can be customized to students’ busy schedules, Senzie Academy has attracted students from across the country and has become a pioneer in advanced skincare training, cosmetic treatments, skin health, and organic skincare.

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