Advantages of an LMS developed in Norway

Why should you use an LMS developed in Norway? Test the system free of charge and without commitment for 14 days and see for yourself.

Published 30 July 2023
Martin Morfjord

Martin Morfjord


A Learning Management System (LMS) can essentially be made anywhere in the world. However, using Norwegian developers gives us certain advantages in the Norwegian market.

Two advantages of a Norwegian LMS:

  1. The first advantage of using a system with Norwegian developers is that cultural variations influence the learning methods we use. Because we follow the Norwegian learning model, Norwegian users will quickly recognise the methodology and solutions implemented in the system.
  2. The second advantage is that we, of course, have Norwegian staff and Norwegian customer service to serve our customers in Norway. In this way, we avoid linguistic misunderstandings, and facilitate efficient and good solutions. The system offers a variety of possibilities.

Advanced Features and Adaptable Learning Opportunities with

Customised Learning Platform with Drag & Drop Functionality and Responsive Design offers a range of features to create an efficient and user-friendly learning platform. By using the ‘Drag & Drop’ feature, users can easily shape the pages to suit their individual needs. The platform is designed with responsiveness in mind, meaning that it seamlessly adapts to the user’s screen, whether used on mobile, tablet, or PC.

Engaging Learning Process with Quiz and Test Opportunities

To make the learning process more engaging, offers quiz and testing opportunities. These tools are designed to easily and playfully uncover participants’ skill levels while also contributing to learning.

Individual Learning Management with User Profiles and Course Certificates

On the platform, each participant can create their own user profile. This allows for the tracking of personal course activity. When a course is completed, has the option to award official course certificates as confirmation of completed training.

Flexible Course Structure with Gradual Opening of Course Elements

Furthermore, offers the possibility for course elements to be gradually opened. This can be done after a specific date or adapted to each participant’s individual course progress. This provides a flexible learning experience that can be tailored to each individual user.

Efficient Group Management with Group Access and Assignment of Group Leaders

Finally, offers group access, where a separate group leader can be assigned. This can be particularly useful in organized learning environments where a leader can manage and guide the group’s learning process.

Who Uses an LMS?

Our learning platform is used by businesses that need to update and develop the skills of their employees, in school and educational environments, and by independent course providers.

In short, the platform is a tool for developing the skills of anyone who needs it.

By using an LMS for employee development, significant costs associated with travel, accommodation, and course venues can be saved. It also ensures that all participants in the course receive exactly the same information, even if the course is conducted multiple times for different participants.

Our platform is popular among lecturers who sell their core competencies. The system can accept payments from new participants, who get access to the course as soon as it’s paid for. Then, course modules can be automatically rolled out based on the participant’s own progression. Simple and effective.

Based on the World’s Largest Publishing Tool

WordPress is the world’s largest web publishing system, and it’s estimated that about 39% of the entire internet is built on it. Therefore, its security and functionality are maintained by several thousand developers who daily develop and improve the tool.

By leveraging the capabilities of WordPress, we have been able to create a learning platform that is easy to use and looks good. You can easily incorporate systems such as Microsoft Azure products, Google Drive, and other LMS systems, so you can transfer and access your images, videos, and files.

You can use the system as it comes from us, or we can integrate the platform into your existing website and tailor it to your graphical expression. In this way, it will be your brand and your content that appears, and the system will appear as your own.

Read more about all our features here.

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