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Use OpenAI as your powerful online personal assistent

Log in, ask questions, get tailored answers from your document and email systems. Time saved, efficiency gained, all thanks to OpenAI! Ai can even craft custom courses. Join our beta list now.

Use WooCommerce to extend your e-learning platform

Discover the power of WooCommerce in SimplyLearn! Transitioning from physical to online courses or embracing mixed learning? SimplyLearn is your ideal solution. You can transform your course platform into a fully functioning web shop to manage courses, products and orders.
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Successfully harness open source technology with AI

At SimplyLearn, we harness the strength of open source technology and Ai to accelerate development. Experience faster coding, quicker app creation, and streamlined custom projects producing cost-effective and efficient solutions.
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Open Source Development using AI

Our AI-driven open source development assists us in detecting any issues in our LMS platform ensuring a seamless experience for our users.
10 Steps for a Successful Learning Management System

The process of building a successful LMS

10 steps for building a successful LMS (Learning Management System).

Harness the power of open API with SimplyLearn

Discover the possibilities of SimplyLearn's open API to integrate your eLearning platform with existing systems and create a more efficient and personalised eLearning experience.

Why Groups and Group Leaders?

Have you ever run into a case where you need to give certain users more access and privileges to your courses, but don’t want to give them full admin access? Here is the solution!

SimplyLearn platform vs other online learning platforms

How do you know what is the right eLearning platform for you? Here we describe some of the pros and cons of each platform to help you decide what is best for your company.