How OneCo saves several million NOK each year with eLearning

And how you can too!

Published 28 November 2022
Sindre Fjellestad

Sindre Fjellestad

Blog - How OneCo saves millions

Who is OneCo?

OneCo is a company that started ten years ago this February. Today the organisation has approximately three thousand employees and is experiencing substantial growth. OneCo works in areas where it is vital to obtain a high degree of security. To accomplish this, the employees at OneCo need to be competent in security topics. Especially in terms of safety, we have a lot of statutory training that we must complete annually. OneCo is using the eLearning platform from SimplyLearn to ensure competence development in the organisation.

Why eLearning?

The organisation is geographically dispersed. Therefore it requires heavy resources to gather groups of employees. Previously, OneCo employees have had to spend days travelling and learning from instructors in classrooms. As a consequence of annual expertise training, OneCo has lost production output. OneCo is in a sector where the margins are no more than they can be. Therefore, they have applied eLearning. Increasing efficiency in employee competence development has led to increased production output.

“Simplylearn is an interactive system that allows us to easily create the teachings we want via documents, videos, or other material we have. We started using it by recording the learning and distributing this information to the entire organisation. We built up course modules so that fitters, engineers, and others could complete these courses where they are in everyday life. This has resulted in replacing physical gatherings with online classes. The employees are happy to take these courses when they have gap time in the field. This has led to us rationalising the entire training powerfully. We can now complete large parts of these courses without affecting production. In addition to saving many travel costs, we also save the lost show. A company like OneCo can reduce costs by several million NOK a year when we use this learning platform wisely.”

Arnstein Moy from OneCo

OneCo admits that it demands effort to make the transition to eLearning. They have chosen to build up the courses, sharpening them to meet their eLearning needs. At the same time, there is always some resistance to replacing physical gatherings with digital learning methods. But now that the first employees in the company have begun to use eLearning, we are sure that the entire OneCo group will happily adopt our SimplyLearn platform soon.

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