Why Groups and Group Leaders?

Have you ever run into a case where you need to give certain users more access and privileges to your courses, but don’t want to give them full admin access? Here is the solution!

Published 23 February 2023
Andy West

Andy West



One of the best ways to segment your learners without having to manually recreate courses, or delete old users to have control over your reports, is to create groups. By having groups, you can also quite easily assign multiple courses to it, making sure all your employees have access to the required courses, and gives you the ability to keep track of who is not doing their job. This also makes it easier to spread your content over multiple courses, instead of having longer, unmanageable ones. If you have different groups of students going through the same course at different times, having multiple groups for the same course helps you keep track of the different student groups without having to manually sort through the entire list of people that have gone through the course.

Group Leader role

The main purpose of a Group Leader is to keep track of user progress, viewing and grading their assessments, and be able to communicate with them by sending emails. Because of this, a user with the Group Leader role is granted limited backend admin privileges. This means they have access to what they need to, but won’t be able to mess up or potentially break your website and access more than you allow them.

For a Group Leader role to function, you need to assign them to specific groups. The important thing to notice is that a Group Leader can only control users in a group they have Group Leader privileges in, meaning that for everything they are not assigned to, the role will function as a regular user. And opposite, when assigned to a group, they have access to all users within this group.

Extra features

For you who need users to have editor access to your courses, this is also possible with the Group Leader role. Including having access to users within a group, a Group Leader will also be able to do edits to all courses and course content within the group. This means you can safely give users access to edit or finalise course content without having to worry about giving them too much admin privileges. Simply create a group without users and assign the user as a leader of this group. The assigned Group Leader will now have editing privileges, without having access to user data.

This means…

…starting to use Groups and Group Leaders not only gives you better control over your course administration, it also lets you organise your courses more effectively, by segmenting your users, bundling up needed courses into one group, and letting people edit your courses for you without having to give them too many privileges. It is also a whole lot safer, with you having much more control over who has access to what information.

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