A course platform for efficient e-learning

The course platform optimizes e-courses for course providers and participants.

E-learning is both present and future

A course platform is the foundation for e-learning. This is where you share all of the academic content with the participants and implement testing of the level of knowledge. On our platform, you lay out all the material you want to use and you don’t have to think about the technical and the maintenance of your platform.

Our solution is based on "drag & drop" so that you decide which elements you want to include and how the layout should look. Everything adapts automatically to the participant's own screen, regardless of whether a mobile phone, tablet or PC is used.

There is no doubt that e-learning on course platforms is a big part of the future of courses and training. The young generation now is already used to a lot of schooling happening via the internet at home . Although flexibility in everyday work is already quite widespread, the generation that is on its way will expect that these opportunities are available in everyday work, when they enter the labor market.

This means that a good course platform is not only useful for professionally updating employees, it can also help attract new talented people in the future. Many of the most sought after people are concerned with what kind of professional development opportunities a business can offer. 


Pros and cons with e-learning

E-learning on course platforms is efficient and easy, so it is quick to implement this just to keep up with the times. Therefore, it is wise to familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of this type of learning.


Participants have access to the platform via all types of devices, as long as they are connected to the internet. This cuts costs for renting premises, transport, electricity grid access and required facilities. Everything happens on the participant's own screen.

In a company that has several departments, it will be possible to reduce transport costs associated with courses and seminars quite considerably.



The course is created once and can be used again as many times as you want, instead of having to complete physical education again and again. Both course instructor and participants also avoid the commute to and from the course location, as you can log in from where you are at any time.

It also means that participants can attend the courses when it suits them and therefore have full focus during the time they spend.



It is inevitable that more and more of the communication takes place digitally. You talk to friends, shop, watch TV and read news online, so it seems obvious that e-learning also is the future. 2020 was the year that really took off when everyone had to start with home school and home office. Enough courses has been ruined by poor technology and planning, and it is completely unnecessary when there are course platforms like ours. 

Course platform from Simplylearn

The best method to gain insight into the course platform is to test it yourself. Therefore, we offer to set up the platform, so you can test it for free for 14 days. Make an appointment for a conversation so we can have a chat and help you get started. You will gain insight into the basic elements of Simplylearn 3.0, and can set up your first courses. In addition, you will be able to learn how to set up quizzes and knowledge tests.

During the test period, you are free to cancel without obligation and we do not require a bank card or deposit.

SimplyLearn was started and developed in Norway and is now found in several countries in Europe. Good e-learning solutions are more relevant than ever before, and we will make sure to give you one of the best user experiences on the market.

SimplyLearn – A clean and user-friendly course platform