Group page

The Group Page content area is where you add a group title, description, and featured image for your group. This is what people will see before they enroll in (or purchase) access to the group.

Simplylearn will automatically add a course table with a list of courses associated with the group below the group description. Group Page content is your own custom information that will be displayed when the page is loaded underneath the “Group” tab.

Where to Add a Group Page Content

  • Navigate to SIMPLYLEARN > GROUPS
  • Click on the group that you would like to edit
  • You will automatically land on the Group Page tab
  • You can immediately start adding your group description
Group titleYour group title is the first thing you’ll see at the top of the editing screen. Look for a placeholder that says “Add Group title.” Most themes display the title near the top of the page, below your header and/or global navigation.
Group URLWhen you click inside of the “Add Group title” box, you will see an area appear labeled “Permalink.” This is your group URL, you can share this URL with your course participants.
Group descriptionEverything below the group title is a blank canvas for you to add your description.
Group featured imageThe featured image is the main image associated with your group. This is the image that will display on your course grids.Look for the Featured Image panel in the sidebar (make sure you’re viewing Document settings, not Block settings)If not already open, click on it to open itClick Set featured imageChoose an image from your Media Library, or upload a new oneClick the Select button at the bottom