The administrator

An administrator is the user role that has all the capabilities and can perform all of the actions on a Simplylearn platform. 

A user with the administrator role can also add and remove other users with the same role. When assigning the administrator role to a user, it is important to remember that administrators have the ability to delete content. You should, therefore, be careful with assigning users this role and instead consider the "Course facilitator" role, which is basically a stripped-down admin user who only has access to the course creation part of the platform. 

How to add a new administrator

To add a new admin to your course, you need to be logged in as an admin.

  1. Hover over "Users", click on "Add New User"
  2. Fill in the required information. 
  3. Choose "Administrator" as a role. 
  4. Click "Add New". 

The role is now created and the user will then get an email where they can set their own password. 

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