Stripe – Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

We recommend using Stripe as your payment gateway for selling your courses through Simplylearn. 

1 - What is Stripe?

Stripe is a third party payment solution which makes it possible to receive payments by credit- and debet-cards in your course's store. The solution is fast and secure, and the payment will be dealt with almost directly. 


2 - How do I get started with Stripe?

Connect your webshop to Stripe through the settings in your webshop.

3 - Do you customers need a Stripe account to use your webshop?

No. The only thing they need is a valid credit- or debit-card with a VISA or Mastercard logo. 

4 - Is Stripe safe?

Yes. Stripe fulfills the industry's strictest requirements for safety. 

5 - Does stripe fulfill the PCI-regulations?

Yes. Stripe is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider.

6 - Does your webshop utilize SSL?

Yes. Simplylearn provides SSL for you entire course-site. We still recommend using an own SSL certificate, so that your coursepages use the same SSL license as the rest of your website (if your course-site is added to your already existing website). 

7 - How fast will I receive payments?

You will receive payments as soon as your Stripe account is connected to your webshop. Stripe will process all your transactions. 

8 - How often does Stripe transfer money to my account?

Stripe tranfers money to your bank account according to the plan you have set in your Stripe dashboard. You plan can be changed under the tab "Transactions". You may also see an overview of your transactions from Stripe to your account in your Stripe dashboard. 

Remember that most banks only processes transactions at select times during the weekdays, which may cause your money to process for a couple of days before they are transferred into your account. 

9 - How does Stripe deal with false accounts and orders?

Stripe prevents fraud by logging all the activities that seems suspicious. As an example; repeated transactions of the same order will be rejected. Stripe also cooperates with global partners and credit card networks to survey possible attempts of fraud. 

10 - How does Stripe deal with disputes?

Simplylearn is not responsible for disputes in connection to purchases. All disputes will be treated by Stripe. 

11 - What currencies may I use?

You may almost always use the currency in the country in which you find yourself. The available currencies depend on where your connected bank account is located. 

Stripe do charge an exchange fee for purchases in a currency that is not connected to your bank account. This charge varies, but will be about 2% added to your normal transaction fee. To avoid this fee, connect a bank account from the same country as the currency you are using. Payments in this currency will go directly to this account without the exchange fee.

12 - What is the price of using Stripe?

You willl find an updated overview of the fees Stripe adds to the different payment methods here:

13 - What is the price of refunds?

Refunds are free in Stripe. If the refund is made through the Stripe-system will the transaction fee be refunded to your account. 

14 - Does Simplylearn charge you for using Stripe?

Simplylearn does not charge you for using Stripe. Stripe will charge you a fee per transaction. 

15 - I have problems connecting to Stripe

If you received a message saying that your account already exists when trying to register fro Stripe, you may already have made an account. Restart the process and log in with your existing account. You can e-mail Stripe directly on the following address: [email protected].

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