Use WooCommerce to extend your e-learning platform

Discover the power of WooCommerce in SimplyLearn! Transitioning from physical to online courses or embracing mixed learning? SimplyLearn is your ideal solution. You can transform your course platform into a fully functioning web shop to manage courses, products and orders.


One of our most popular features is the integration of WooCommerce – an extension that brings together the realms of e-learning and e-commerce seamlessly. Let’s delve into this exciting integration and discover how it can support your learning platform.

WooCommerce web store for your learning platform

Unveiling WooCommerce: Elevating e-commerce to new heights

WooCommerce is not just another e-commerce platform. Powering a significant portion of e-commerce globally, it offers a user-friendly interface that has redefined the online shopping experience. Harness the power of this robust platform within your e-learning journey – this is where SimplyLearn’s WooCommerce integration comes into play.

The synergy of e-learning and WooCommerce

With SimplyLearn’s integration, a world of possibilities unfolds before you. It’s no longer just an e-learning platform; it’s your gateway to a fully-fledged web shop. You can seamlessly handle ticket sales for physical events, offer supplementary products or add-ons for your courses, and facilitate transactions, all within the same platform.

Navigating e-learning with SimplyLearn

SimplyLearn truly shines when navigating the dynamic landscape of learning paradigms. Whether you’re transitioning from physical courses to online courses, or embracing mixed learning, SimplyLearn is your trusty companion. This platform effortlessly melds these diverse approaches, allowing you to craft a holistic learning experience that suits all your needs. In addition, with the integration of our WooCommerce plugin, you can manage all of your courses, products and orders in one place.

On top of that, one of the best things about SimplyLearn’s integration is its seamless compatibility with your accounting system. Our integration ensures that your financial transactions remain synchronised, regardless of whether you’re selling tickets to an event or enrolling learners in a comprehensive online course. This synergy eliminates manual intervention and ensures a hassle-free financial tracking process.

In conclusion: A new era of seamlessly integrated learning

Integrating WooCommerce into SimplyLearn’s platform empowers you to expand your e-learning platform while effortlessly managing your accounts. Say goodbye to using multiple systems – SimplyLearn’s integration simplifies the process and enhances your impact.

As you embark on your e-learning journey, consider the transformative capabilities of SimplyLearn’s web shop integration. Embrace the convergence of education and commerce, and embrace a new era of holistic, seamless learning experiences. Welcome to the future of education, powered by the innovation of SimplyLearn.

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