Understanding Simplylearn’s SaaS Pricing Model: Delivering Value and Flexibility

Simplylearn operates under a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. We are committed to the continuous maintenance and development of your learning management system (LMS) platform. In this article, we will explain how we set our prices, focusing on the principles that underpin our approach.

Understanding Simplylearn’s SaaS Pricing Model: Delivering Value and Flexibility

Active User Pricing

The primary cost driver at Simplylearn is active users. In other words, our SaaS pricing model is fundamentally connected to the number of users actively engaging with the LMS. An active user is defined as a user who has logged into the platform during the current quarter. This user-centric approach enables our customers to pay for exactly what they use, thus maximizing value and offering flexibility.

Our belief is that this method is the fairest and most transparent, aligning with the fluctuating nature of learning and education. Regardless of whether your organization has 10 active users or 10,000, you will only pay for the actual use of the LMS. This model ensures that you derive the most value from your investment.

Solution Packages as Add-Ons

In our mission to offer a lightweight yet powerful SaaS solution, we've introduced a range of solution packages as add-ons. These can be purchased separately, allowing you to customize your LMS to your specific needs without adding unnecessary weight or complexity to your platform. Examples of add-ons include Single Sign-On (SSO) login and a Web-shop, among others, read more here. Each add-on is designed to enhance your LMS's functionality, offering the flexibility to build a solution that's truly tailored to your organization's requirements.

Remember, these add-ons are optional and can be added or removed based on your evolving needs. This modular approach is another way we offer flexibility and control to our customers, letting you decide the shape and scope of your LMS.

Billing Periods

Though our prices are listed on a monthly basis, we usually invoice our customers annually. This not only simplifies the billing process but also provides you with the certainty of your LMS costs for the entire year. This, in turn, enables you to plan your budget more effectively.

However, we acknowledge that every organization's needs are unique. Therefore, we're open to adjusting our billing frequency to accommodate your specific circumstances. At Simplylearn, we prioritize flexibility and giving you the control you need over your LMS expenses.

Continuous Maintenance and Development

The SaaS pricing at Simplylearn includes continuous maintenance and development of your platform. We believe in a proactive approach to ensure your LMS platform remains at the forefront of technology. Our team works relentlessly to keep your platform updated, secure, and equipped with the latest features to enrich your users' learning experiences.

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