The webinar overview

When you click on the submenu “webinars”, you will be taken to the webinar overview.
In the webinar overview, you will see all the configured webinars. While hovering over a webinar title you will see the option to edit, view, duplicate or delete a webinar. Also you will see some information about the views, attendees, questions and the webinar status in the other columns.

Edit: Brings you to the webinar details page where you can edit the settings of your webinar.
Quick edit: Allows you to adjust some small configuration options like the title of your webinar or the URL.
Trash: Discards the Webinar to the garbage bin.
Questions: Brings you to the ‘webinar questions’ screen for that particular Webinar.
Duplicate: Makes a copy of the webinar.
View: Previews your webinar as your attendants will see it.

Views: the amount of visitors that have visited and viewed your registration page
Registrations: the amount of visitors who signed up for the webinar
Questions: the amount of questions that are asked during the webinar or the webinar replay
Status: the current webinar status (this could be Countdown, Live, Replay or Closed. You can read more about it further in the documentation)