SimplyMeet boosts course engagement with actionable steps

Take learning to the next level with SimplyMeet. Seamlessly integrate live meetings into your courses, allowing students to interact with instructors. No need for external tools like Zoom or Teams. It's exclusive and hassle-free – only enrolled students get access.

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Boost engagement with SimplyMeet

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital education, SimplyLearn continues to develop. One shining example of this development is SimplyMeet, a helpful addition to our toolkit. But what exactly is it, and why should you be excited about it?

This plugin is the bridge between traditional online content and dynamic, real-time engagement. Indeed, a blended learning approach knows the changing technological landscape and the need for personalised learning experiences that cater to individual students’ needs. As further written about in this article from TeachThought, advantages of blended learning for teachers include cost-effectiveness, flexibility, access to global resources, and improved interaction with students.

Imagine this scenario: you’re giving a mixed learning experience, combining videos, texts, and interactive elements. But you want the chance for students to engage with you, the teacher or facilitator, in a live, interactive setting. That’s why we developed SimplyMeet.

The power of live interaction

What sets SimplyMeet apart is its ability to seamlessly integrate live meetings directly into your course. This means that students can book and be a part of in live sessions right from within the course itself. Therefore there is no more hopping between platforms or managing multiple tools. With this plugin, you can create a connection between content and engagement effortlessly.

Exclusivity and access control with SimplyMeet

Our addition is designed to maintain exclusivity. Therefore, only students who have purchased access to your course or have been granted permission can join your live meetings. This ensures focused and meaningful interaction, where your course participants are genuinely invested in the learning journey.

Say goodbye to fragmented solutions

One common challenge in the world of eLearning is the use of various tools – Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, and the list goes on. Because of this, course participants are often confused and lost. T´his is why we created SimplyMeet. Our solution streamlines your course experience. No more struggling to fit together the pieces of the puzzle. With SimplyMeet, the live meeting experience seamlessly melds with your course, enhancing both content delivery and interaction.

A seamless solution for the modern educator

In conclusion, SimplyMeet eliminates the need for disjointed tools and streamlines the process of integrating live meetings into your courses. Therefore the days of wondering how to combine paid course participants with live sessions are over – SimplyMeet takes care of it all. Elevate your online courses, engage your students, and unlock the potential of live interaction.

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