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Possibilities with our LMS

Here in Norway, the abbreviation LMS is used, but in many other countries they have chosen to use VLE, which means "Virtual Learning Environment". This is perhaps a little more descriptive of what the software actually delivers.


SimplyLearn facilitates a learning environment that both takes care of the administrative part of the course and at the same time includes interactivity and two-way communication with the participants. The purpose of the software is to take away the stress of learning management so that you can spend your time interacting with the participants and the academic content.

Interactive quizzes – because learning should be fun

One of the possibilities for two-way communication with participants is to use a quiz as part of the course. A quiz will be experienced as an easy and playful test of knowledge, whilst highlighting the content the participant did not answer correctly. Therefore, this opportunity is an excellent addition to create dynamism and an extended learning process.


At the same time, the quiz provides an opportunity to check how much your participants learn. We have made and interactive assignment builder so that it is easy for you to reformulate questions and add new ones. In this way, you can update and develop the course continuously based on the level of knowledge the participants show.



Our LMS solution is based on "drag & drop" so you can easily shape the pages the way you want. The elements are responsive and will automatically adapt to all different types of screens such as mobile devices, tablets, and computers. Both you and the participants can use the system wherever it suits - in the office, on the bus or at lunch.


That's why we call ourselves "SimplyLearn" - learning should be simple! 

Open up course elements gradually

You can deliver all your course content at once, or schedule lessons over a predetermined period. You can set items to open on a specific date, or "X number of days" after the participant has started the course. That way, you do not have to follow each participant but can instead let the system do the work for you.


Who Uses LMS?


The learning platform is used by companies that want to update and develop competence in employees, in school and educational environments. It is also used by independent suppliers of courses.


For example, if you are a lecturer, the learning platform can be a useful tool for taking the participants from the lecture with you further. You can present the participants an opportunity to dive further into your competence and your field by upselling them to your eLearning platform.

All companies that are exposed to competition should train their employees regularly so that all parts of the business are up to date and relevant. LMS streamlines this process and the company's internal training system.

Based on WordPress

WordPress is the largest web publishing system in the world and it is estimated that approximately 39% of the entire internet is built on this system. This means that there are thousands of developers working on it every day, so it is always updated to the highest level of security and ease of use.


Integration of systems such as Google Drive and Dropbox runs seamlessly in the LMS system, so you can upload and access your photos, videos, and files.

integrate applications

By taking advantage of this type of opportunity in WordPress, we have been able to create a learning platform that is easy to use and well-designed.


We can make the platform part of the website you already have and tailor it to your branding - your content and your brand, delivered with our system.

What to do next?

What you have read in this article is just a few highlights of what our LMS system can do. The best way get a proper overview and assess whether our system is what you are looking for is to test it yourself!


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