Group leaders and user roles

Give users different levels of access as needed.


Set up user groups and designate group leaders to have special privileges without making them full admins. This can help with running more effective courses.

Use groups and group leaders to benefit your course

Setting up groups and group leaders can have huge benefits for your course. For example:

  • Small group leaders: You may have a large course with many course participants. Small group leaders give you the ability to break into smaller groups for discussion and interaction.
  • Regional group leaders: Your organisation might be conducting training across multiple locations. Use of groups and group leaders gives you the ability for local managers to review their team’s progress.
  • Drip feed classes: Your course might involve live webinars. To decrease your workload and increase engagement, you could split the course into multiple groups that meet for live webinars on different days of the week.
  • Group moderators: Your organisation has a large group of employees taking the same set of courses together. In this case you can set up moderators to better manage and support the group.

Creating groups

We have made group creation simple. You simple create and name a new group and assign which courses learners in this group will take. This can be one course per group, or multiple. The important thing to remember is that any course participants added to this group will be enrolled in all the selected courses.

Group leaders

To create group leaders is as simple as navigating to the user profiles and assigning them a new user role. This allows some limited admin privileges in the groups they are group leaders for, such as viewing the course progress of other learners in the group, seeing their assessments and sending group emails. They cannot however change course settings or create content and do no have access to more information than necessary. You can even set a user to be a group leader in one group, but a regular course participant in another.

Run an effective course platform

An important part of running a successful LMS is administration. The larger your course platform, the more work that this is. Understanding and making use of groups and group leaders can help you to organise your courses more effectively so that your course participants receive the support they need and your platform runs smoothly.

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