Full Control With Video Progression

SimplyLearn offers a nice feature called Video Progression. This is a learning method where the course participant needs to watch the whole video before proceeding in the course.

Published 3 July 2020
Andy West

Andy West

Video Progression

We have many customers that already are using Video Progression, and both them and course participants often mention this as a feature they really enjoy. – I think it’s a smart feature that I have to complete the step I’m on before I can continue to the next. It’s a simple and good platform to use, and I experienced it as uncomplicated, says course participant Vegard Furueskjeg from Youth With A Mission Norway (read more here).

Video Progression supports several formats like Vimeo, YouTube, Wistia, and Amazon S3. You can also use local files that you upload directly on to the platform, and you have many different settings you can choose between to give you complete control over the user experience.

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