User groups

Group your users and assign group leaders to easily manage course progress and performance


Why use groups? 

Groups gives you the opportunity to group course users together and assign a group leader who can track the progress and performance of each participant in the group. Groups can have any number of courses associated with them, and everyone in that group will automatically be enrolled into the course(s).


Using groups allows you to customise settings, add content, control and sell access, report and more.

    Bulk import

    Using SimplyLearn's group feature allows you to bulk import users, saving time and effort. Imported users will be able to access the course content immediately.

    Great for selling courses

    You can easily sell multiple courses at once with SimplyLearn's group function. You simply create a group, allow these users to have access to the relevant courses and charge for group access itself, rather than the users paying multiple fees for individual courses.

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