Xpand ePort survey system and learning platform

Xpand International consists of 180 professionals, with branches in 15 countries. All Xpands branches are well embedded in their own culture and nationality. Simultaneously there is a strong connection between the various countries and national branches, enabling us to support and enrich each other and to provide you, our customer, with the best possible services.

Xpand wants to help people, organizations and companies make good choices and priorities.
We believe that organizations are constantly evolving and changing through people, managers and employees who take responsibility in the organization and create results for the individual, the owners, stakeholders and for society.

Simplylearn AS has built an ePort scan system for xpand. Xpand is using this as a tool in their consulting. Xpand is using the classic print layout in their surveys. Simplylearn has made the setup that takes a physical PDF scan and turns it into an online survey where the graphics and mathematical calculations are done automatically.

The system takes care of the resellers, translations, user roles, etc. You can test the system by taking an end-user test here.

The scans are used in Simplylearn LMS system for Norwegians at kurs.xpand.no and international marked on xpand.courses.

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