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Harness the power of by embedding secure peer-to-peer video chat rooms on a Simplylearn site via the [appear_in] shortcode.




type=”public,private,post (default: public)
public_room_button=”” (default: Public Room)
private_room_button=”” (default: Private Room)
post_room_button=”” (default: Post Room)
position=”left,bottom,inline (default: left)

Set a custom public room name, specify which room buttons are shown on a page, change the button text, determine where rooms will be displayed, and set height of inline rooms.


Custom settings for WordPress are found on the Settings > Media admin page.

  • Room Button Color
  • Public Room Name: define a public room name for default use in shortcode

If a public room name has not been explicitly defined in settings or shortcode, then the default public room expires daily.

The ‘post’ room type will generate a public room with name of the current course or pages.

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