The Course Builder

The Simplylearn course builder provides an easy, intuitive way to build out your courses. You can add new sections, modules, lections & assignments without ever leaving the page. This article explains how to use every aspect of the course builder so that creating & editing courses becomes a breeze.

How to Access The Course Builder

  1. Navigate to SIMPLYLEARN > COURSES
  2. Hover over an existing course
  3. Click the “Theme Builder” link

Alternatively, you can click on the course title or “Edit” link to bring up the “Edit Course” page. Once there, click the “Theme Builder” tab in the top navigation bar.

Creating Courses

Section Heading

Section headings provide a simple way to break your course into sections. They don’t contain any actual content and are simply a text-only heading that can be placed between any two modules. They work in a similar fashion to chapters in a book.

How to add a section heading: 

  1. Click on the lesson before where you want the section heading to appear
  2. Click the “New Section Heading” link
  3. Type your heading
  4. Hit ENTER, or click the “Add Section Heading” button
  5. Create LearnDash Section Heading

For the remainder of the content (lessons, topics & assignments), you have two options:

  1. create them first, one at a time, and then use the course builder to add them to your course, -or-
  2. create them with the course builder, organize them within the course however you’d like, and then go back later to add content to them.

This depends on your own personal preference and how you’ve chosen to develop your course content.

Adding modules

With Simplylearn you can easily add new modules directly into the course by clicking "new module". 

You can also add already existing modules my marking them in the sidebar. 

Adding lessons

Lessons are great for breaking up the content within a module. In order to add a lesson, you need to expand the module by clicking the down arrow to the right of the lesson. 

You can also add existing lessons from the sidebar as we demonstrated with the module insertion. 

Adding assignments

Assignments can be added to modules & lessons, or as a final assignment to the course itself. You can create new assignments directly from the course builder, or pull in existing assignments you’ve already created.

Course assignments are located at the bottom of the course builder, under the “FINAL ASSIGNMENT” heading. Lesson & modules assignments can be found within the modules/lesson that they belong to.

Your existing tests can be found in the “ASSIGNMENTS” box in the sidebar and you can add them to the course. 

Drag & drop: 

If you’d like to add lessons, modules, and assignments in a particular spot within your course, you can click & hold down your mouse, drag the element to the spot you want it, and then release. This will place the element in your specified location within the course. Remember that lessons must be sorted beneath a module, and an assignemnt must be sorted beneath a lesson. 

Editing the content

You can get access to editing the content of your modules, lection and assignments by clicking the edit button. 

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