SimplyLearn platform vs other online learning platforms

How do you know what is the right eLearning platform for you? Here we describe some of the pros and cons of each platform to help you decide what is best for your company.

Published 28 November 2022
Martin Morfjord

Martin Morfjord


Existing eLearning platforms

There are many existing solutions for eLearning platforms like Docebo, Eloomi, Learningbank and Talentlms and there are advantages to using these systems. Support, security and maintenance is included and the system is setup and ready to use.

The downside of these solutions is you are unable to customise features within your eLearning system, such as using your own branded URL, sending mail notifications, creating custom extensions like a web store and so much more. These packaged solutions are not ideal for building your own brand.

Creating your own platform

Another solution is to create and host your own eLearning platform. Some companies choose to do this as then they have full control over the design and branding, URL and mail notifications. The disadvantage is that it can be costly to setup and main such a platform and difficult to keep secure. Running a website with thousands of logins every day requires a high level of maintenance and security.

The SimplyLearn solution

This is why we created SimplyLearn. We sell Software as a Service (SaaS). Using the SimplyLearn solution you have the benefits of both the above solutions rolled into one eLearning platform. With SimplyLearn you have the flexibility to create your own branded eLearning platform with the custom requirements that you require and we provide hosting, support, maintenance and security for your platform. SimplyLearn is intuitive, easy to use and fully customisable.

Your site is also expandable, growing as your organisation grows for an excellent user experience. Your site will not experience any delays or down time due to more traffic with our custom hosting.

You will also receive our first-class Norwegian support, for both setting up your platform and creating practical and engaging content for online learning. Norway is known for having one of the world’s best education systems. Here we commonly use “blended learning” and “flipping the classroom” is a way of life. Our dedicated team is ready to help you start and grow your eLearning platform and create engaging, interactive content for your employees and clients.

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