Simple and elegant learning platform

Our learning platform is easy to use and completely maintenance-free. Manage courses and training smoothly and efficiently

What is a learning platform?

A digital learning platform (LMS system) will make available various learning elements that are put together for courses and training programs. This is distributed as online courses or e-learning and makes it possible to organize and facilitate the learning content and manage users in an online system.

The solution will mainly handle 3 parts of the course activities: 

  • Learning

    Distribute courses and training materials to your participants and involve them through dialogue and testing.

  • Administration

    Manage your courses, participants, and results so they are clear and easily accessible.

  • System

    Automate processes, maintenance and security.

A learning platform is a complete digital solution that contains everything you need to carry out training, dialogue, testing and certification of participants.

Who can use a learning platform?

The learning platform is used by everyone who needs to deliver a course, conduct training or education.

The vast majority of companies need to train, develop or update their employees on a regular basis. Our learning platform is tailored for this purpose because it is easy to update the course material along the way, so that it is always up to date.

The first to significantly use learning platforms were universities and colleges. In early versions, such platforms consisted of "a personal digital space" where students were assigned tasks and submitted answers.

LMS - Learning management software

Today's learning platforms are something quite different. Great emphasis is placed on interactivity and participation where the conversation goes both ways. For companies with departments in several places, the platform provides the opportunity for proximity to the course and the course provider, while reducing costs associated with sending employees around the country.

For many companies, development happens so fast that employees have to be updated several times a year and a learning platform drastically reduces the costs of this.

In our learning platform, you get a good overview through a course and user report. This gives the administrator an overview of courses and participants' progression. You can easily go to each individual user in the course and see how far the participant has come in different courses, see answers and give an individual response.

In this way, you have a full overview and can easily follow up on each individual participant 

Why choose our learning platform?

The system we deliver is a so-called SaaS. This means that you not only get a software, but a service where we take care of the ongoing maintenance. Therefore, you do not have to think about any of the technicalities, but can prioritize your time on participants and content.

It is also possible to get user support included in the subscription, but the system should be simple and intuitive to use for you who create and deliver the courses. We also have our own help desk where you will find answers to most of what you may be wondering. We have made several videos that take you easily through important and basic functions of the platform.

The learning platform is built in WordPress. There are several thousand developers who work with WordPress every day, so that security and usability are up to date. We use the many possibilities that exist in WordPress to create a smooth user experience. 

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop lar deg på en enkel måte forme og designet siden akkurat sånn du ønsker



Responsiveness betyr at platformen din alltid tilpasser seg skjermen man ser den på. uansett om det er telefon, tablet eller PC


Interaktive tester

Quiz og test opportunities er en enkel og leken måte å få kontroll på brukerene sin kompetanse på en lærerik måte



Brukeren har deres egen profil hvor de har oversikt over deres egen fremdrift



Offisielle kurs sertifikat som kan bli gitt til brukere som fullfører treningen


Åpne basert på dato

Kurselementer kan åpnes gradvis etter dato etter hver brukers fremdrift i kurset


Sett opp grupper med kurs hvor brukerene kan velge en leder som har tilgang


The way forward

The best method to gain insight into the course platform is to test it yourself. Therefore, we offer to set up the platform, so you can test it for free for 14 days. Make an appointment for a conversation so we can have a chat and help you get started. You will gain insight into the basic elements of Simplylearn 3.0, and can set up your first courses. In addition, you will be able to learn how to set up quizzes and knowledge tests.

During the test period, you are free to cancel without obligation and we do not require a bank card or deposit.

SimplyLearn was started and developed in Norway and is now found in several countries in Europe. Good e-learning solutions are more relevant than ever before, and we will make sure to give you one of the best user experiences on the market.

SimplyLearn – A clean and user-friendly course platform