Self-hosted LMS vs. Software as a Service (SaaS) LMS systems

Ask yourself:

Would you like to host your own LMS and retain all the benefits, and at the same time host and secure the service for all your end users?

Or do you want to jump to a done solution like Docebo, Eloomi, Learningbank, Talentlms, Efrontlearning, Talentcards, Elearningindustry, Unacademy and 360learning? There are many benefits with using these solutions. Support, security and maintenance is already included, but you are missing out on features lik your own branded URL, custom solutions, mail notifications and so much more. These packaged solutions are not optimised for building your own brand.

The benefit of hosting your own LMS is that you have full control and can use your own branding, URL, and mail notifications. The disadvantage is that you need to care about security, maintenance and gain the knowledge of setting up all components yourself.

Creating a website is one thing, but hosting and running a website with ongoing logins is another thing. It demands another level of security.

To have a website with over 1000 logins and logout per day demands another level of security and maintenance.

Self-hosted LMS vs. SaaS LMS systems

That is why we have created Simplylearn Software as a Service (SaaS) where we give you the opportunity to setup your own labeled LMS system and we provide support, maintenance and security. We take the benefit from both sides—the flexibility from producing your own solutions to the security and maintenance from a classic LMS system. Our LMS is based on Learndash and together with our own custom theme and plugins, our LMS-system is intuitive and easy to use. We will host and secure your site in a way that is optimised for LMS-activities. If your site gets more traffic our custom hosting platform will automatically scale up, this will provide a excellent user experience regardless of the amount of users visiting the site. No more down time or hacks; we take care of all that. But it doesn’t stop there. We also give you our first-class Norwegian support on using and doing practical learning online. Norway is one of the countries where “blended learning” and “flipping the classroom” is a common way of learning. So let’s help you grow your LearnDash site, improve your didactic. Book a free meeting, and we assess how we best can help you.

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