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We have picked out some customers who we think have a good story to tell.

How to as an industry association secure the value of your course content

By Martin Morfjord | April 6, 2022

NemiTek is an industry association for everyone who works with HVAC, energy and environmental technology. NemiTek consists of over 4,000 members from all over the country.Simplylearn hosts, maintains and develops the customized learning platform With a unique SMS login system built for NemiTek, the user can easily log in…

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How a Knif Regnskap streamlines their services at

By Martin Morfjord | March 24, 2022

Knif Regnskap offers services within accounting, payroll, consulting, consulting, member management, donor management, courses, expertise and systems.

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Arnstein Moy from OneCo talks about his experiences with Simplylearn

By Sindre Fjellestad | March 24, 2022

Watch this interview with Arnstein Moy from OneCo where he talks about his experiences with Simplylearn. Feel free to watch for OneCo’s learning platform. Video transcription: OneCo is a company that started 10 years ago this February. Today we are approx. 3000 employees, so we have experienced a strong…

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Xpand ePort survey system and learning platform

By Martin Morfjord | March 24, 2022

Xpand International consists of 180 professionals, with branches in 15 countries. All Xpands branches are well embedded in their own culture and nationality. Simultaneously there is a strong connection between the various countries and national branches, enabling us to support and enrich each other and to provide you, our customer, with…

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