Interactive assignments

SimplyLearn's interactive assignment builder makes creating quizzes and managing questions a breeze


Flexible assignment options 

One of the possibilities for two-way communication with participants is to use a quiz as part of the course. A quiz will be experienced as an easy and playful test of knowledge, whilst highlighting the content the participant did not answer correctly. Therefore, this opportunity is an excellent addition to create dynamism and an extended learning process.


At the same time, the quiz provides an opportunity to check how much your participants learn. SimplyLearn's assignment builder provides a quick, intuitive way to add, edit, move and delete questions to create and edit an interactive quiz. In this way, you can update and develop the course continuously based on the level of knowledge the participants show.


Our system is flexible, allowing you to choose from eight different question types (single choice, multiple choice etc.) along with the various options you need to customise the test experience.


You can also create messages to the course participant based on the participant’s results, set time limits on the completion of tests, customise the requirements for results, and much more.

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