Automatic notifications

Communicating with learners and group leaders is a breeze with SimplyLearn email notifications


Engage your users

Automatic notifications enable a new level of learner engagement within your SimplyLearn courses. You can configure various notifications that are automatically send bases on user activity within a course. This is the perfect tool for increasing learner engagement, encouraging course completion and promoting and cross-selling your course content.


The list below displays some possibilities of what you can do with this functionality:

  • Email learners of a particular course or status
  • Configure automatic emails based on activities
  • Setup reminder notifications to send when a new module is available, a course is about to expire, or if the learner has not logged in for a specified amount of time

How does it work?

When learners perform certain actions on your eLearning system, notifications will automatically be sent out based on your customised settings.


Available Triggers
Send notifications based on any of the triggers below:


  • User enrols into a course
  • User completes a course
  • User completes a module
  • A scheduled module is available to a user
  • User completes a lesson
  • User passes an assignment
  • User fails an assignment
  • User completes an assignment
  • An assignment is uploaded
  • An assignment is approved
  • User hasn’t logged in for “X” days
  • “X”days before a course expires
  • Open text-answer questions has been put into graded status


The triggers can be configured for a specific course/lesson/topic/assignment, or they can be “global”


Delay Notifications
The notifications can be sent immediately or you can configure a delay for when the message should be sent.


Dynamic Shortcodes
As you choose your notification triggers you are presented with dynamic shortcodes that you can use in your message to automatically display things like course information, user details, lesson title, quiz scores, etc.

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