Mautic is an open source marketing automation platform that provides you with the greatest level of audience intelligence, thus enabling you to make more meaningful customer connections. Use Mautic to engage your customers and create an efficient marketing strategy.

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Product description

Our tool for marketing automation creates streamlined workflows between sales & marketing. Email, Marketing Automation, SMS, Website Personalisation, E-commerce and more.

The Mautic platform helps you create a strong marketing strategy for your business. With Mautic, you can:

Connect with your contacts over channels like Emails, Text Messages, Social media, and Focus Items.
Segment your contacts based on business requirements and personalize your marketing strategy for each segment.
Create personalized Campaigns to engage with your contacts.
Use performance metrics in Dashboards, Reports, Points, and Stages to measure the efficiency of your marketing strategy.
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Simplylearn will support and set up the platform for you. Se sells this under the Open source license as SaaS, this means you don’t need to worry about updates, and the software will never dear because it is free at its core.

You can decide just to pay for the installation and the yearly host and software updates and then pay as you go for the support.

We call this Mautic as you go.
You can also go for a bundle where you get the personal instruction course and setup plus 4 hours support for free the first year.

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