Our LMS prices

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Code maintenance

€ 95 / mo. billed yearly
  • 2 € per active user
  • Software maintenance
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • LMS learning system with progression tracking
  • Responsive design mobile friendly
  • Receive payments for courses
  • Subdomain yourfirm.simplylearn.app
  • Search engine optimization
  • Free help on our support forum
  • Email / ticket support (90€ per hour)
  • Content development (90€ per hour)
  • Telephone support 1.8 € per min
  • 1 GB disk space

Incl. user support

€ 240 / mo. billed yearly
  • No user restrictions (up to 2000 active users)
  • Everything in the starter and…
  • Online store / Take payments for courses
  • 1 administrator supported
  • Email support (3 free tickets per month; then 90 € per hour)
  • Custom course certificates
  • Own branding
  • Your own domain
  • Create and send emails to users
  • Analysis modules and reports
  • 10 GB disk space
  • Content and course facilitation are not included

Unlimited support

€ 495 / mo. billed yearly
  • No user restrictions (up to 5,000 active users)
  • Everything in Premium and…
  • 3 supported administrators
  • No ticket limit. Free support by phone and email
  • Group registration and administration
  • Course instructors access (user levels)
  • Interactive tests
  • Triggers
  • Upgraded analysis modules and reports
  • Open for adding plugins new features (for a fee)
  • 20 GB disk space
  • Content and course facilitation are not included

The all incl. service packages

€ 1653 / mo. billed yearly
  • No user restrictions (up to 10,000 active users)
  • Everything in Ultimate and…
  • 5 supported administrators
  • Priority support content and facilitation of courses 10 hours per month included
  • The support is given:
  • - to upload the first courses and help run them in the start-up phase
  • - to set up course content
  • - to create text, images, video and other content
  • - change of course content
  • - to set up webinars or other content related tasks
  • 50 GB disk space
  • Content and course facilitation are included
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A course instructor is a limited user who only has access to create courses. The administrator decides which courses the course instructor can access to edit. This is a role that only has access to the course tools and therefore is much easier to operate with for course creators who do not have much technical experience. The course instructor is only available to customers with ULTIMATE subscription level.

Our group feature gives you the ability to group users together users and assign a group leader who can track the progress and performance of any user in the group. Groups can have any number of courses associated with them, and everyone in that group will automatically be registered in the course/courses.

A good example of using a group function is when an external company should have access to some of your courses, then you can set up a group and give leaders in this company the opportunity to monitor the progression of their course participants.

Simplylearn groups are only available to customers with ULTIMATE subscription level (and up).

"Admin users" are users with access to support. So if you have an Ultimate license, three people at your company can have the opportunity to be in contact with our support. If, on the other hand, you have a premium subscription, only one person can be in contact with our support. All support contact between your company and Simplylearn goes through the admin users.

Simplylearn support answers your questions about how you operate the platform. Good examples of support questions is:

  • How do I create a custom course certificate?
  • How can I lock a course module before a specific date?
  • How can I sell my courses?

Before you send us a support ticket, first see our help desk and use the search function there.

Read more about this here.


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