OneCo saves millions with SimplyLearn


OneCo is a large industrial group with core activities in electronics, automation and telecoms.


OneCo saves millions through video based courses.

OneCo has cut costs by switching to e-learning

OneCo has over 3,000 employees. A large proportion of these employees must complete statutory training annually. In addition, OneCo's employees are geographically dispersed, making employee education more challenging. With SimplyLearn, OneCo carries out more efficient and cost-saving training for its employees. The course modules are structured so assemblers, engineers, and others can complete courses wherever they are in everyday life. Consequently, course consumption occurs without affecting production, which leads to cost savings.

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For a company like OneCo, we reduce costs by several million NOK a year when we use SimplyLearn.

Arnstein Moy

Executive Vice President Business Development

OneCo Arnstein Moy

Video based courses

OneCo uses video to set up its courses. Video based lectures from SimplyLearn give the course participants a visual approach to studying, which provides various benefits such as:

  • A neat and user-friendly “step by step” demonstration of the course material
  • A more human communication
  • Greater credibility of the content
  • Video progression function
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The video progression function is applied to ensure that the course participants watch the entirety of a video in a course. This function forces your course participants to finish watching the videos before they can move on to the next step. Further progression is only possible once the system has registered that the entire video has been viewed.

Course certificates

OneCo’s courses often end with a summary test requiring the course participants to finish with a pre-determined percentage. Using this function, the person in charge receives quality assurance that the employees have received the competence they should have. This function is able to provide the opportunity to certify the employees. This certificate is a great advantage for OneCo to have credibility by confirming to any external players that they have the knowledge and competence needed.


Mobile friendly

All SimplyLearn courses are responsive. Employees at OneCo are able to consume user friendly lessons on all devices including mobiles. Consequently, users can take the courses when and where it suits them!