NemiTek ensures value through webinar hosting

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NemiTek is a trade association with over 4,000 members for those involved with HVAC, energy and environmental technology.


NemiTek runs online webinars smoothly.

NemiTek uses SimplyLearn to host their online courses

NemiTek often gathers many people for live webinars. Ahead of the webinar, they run a registration where course participants sign up for a course. The module in which the webinar takes place is time locked, meaning that course participants cannot access the module before the webinar starts. On the day the webinar takes place, NemiTek uses SimplyLearn's notification function to notify all course participants that the webinar will begin soon.


Live webinar and course activity

The webinar is conducted with SimplyMeet, a separate webinar solution that we at Simplylearn have developed. SimplyMeet allows NemiTek to run a live conversation/lecture without the end user having to install an external application. The students have the experience of sitting in a classroom where they talk and interact with other course participants. The person hosting the webinar has the opportunity to assign course participants in breakout rooms, use the whiteboard function, conduct reconciliations, and much more.

Online store and learning platform in one

NemiTek has integrated an online store with the learning platform, allowing them to sell course access to their participants. With SimplyLearn's online store, courses are sold as products, and all the standard functions of an online store are present. Here NemiTek employees create discount codes, get an overview of all orders, retrieve invoices, perform refunds and more.

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Login and registration with SSO

NemiTek has ordered SimplyLearn's SSO module to avoid account sharing and to optimise the login and registration process. This solution allows NemiTek to use the same user credentials for all their applications, and gives them the opportunity to collect data about their customers activity in SimplyLearn and connect them with their CRM.

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