How to insert powerpoints

This article will teach you two different ways to insert your powerpoints onto your platform. With this functionality you can reuse existing materials and your users will get a great visual experience of your presentations. 

The Google Drive route

We recommend uploading first to Google Drive, then publishing your PowerPoint file to your platform. Why? Because this will give you the possibility to edit the files in Google Drive afterward. The edits you make in Google will automatically be reflected on the platform. See the video below for a demonstration of the functionality and tutorial of how you set this up. 

Insert your PowerPoints directly to your site

If you are not using Google Drive and don’t want to start using a new system, you can upload your powerpoints directly to your platform. Since most of our customers are not requesting this feature, it’s not available on a standard SimplyLearn/Simplyweb install. Reach out to us if you want this functionality on your site. 

When we have made this functionality available, you can simply use the WordPress Block Editor to insert your powerpoint. 

  1. Click the “plus” sign
  2. Search for “document”
  3. Click on the “document” block
  4. Select