How to insert a contact form

The Contact Form module inserts a contact form directly into a row. The width of the form fills the width of the column.

This is a very basic contact form with name, subject, email and phone field. By default, the Name and Email fields are displayed and the Subject and Phone fields are hidden. All fields displayed are required.

Email notifications are sent automatically upon form submission. If the Subject field appears in the form, the email line will display the text entered in that field. If the Subject field is hidden in the form, you can add a custom email line. If you do not specify a custom topic, the default email line is email address.

You can choose whether the person submitting the form receives an on-screen confirmation, in which case, if you click the button, the person sends it to another URL, or displays the confirmation message instead of the form. You can also style the button label (the default label is Send), add a button icon, change the color of the button, and so on.

You can add a Google reCaptcha button in the form to discourage spam.

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