Good Overview With Course and User Report

Simplylearn offers very useful reporting tools for admins to keep track of courses and participants’ progression.

In Simplylearn you find a reporting account with an overview of all courses in your platform. From this menu, you can find reports from specific courses and the users within them.

Completed courses

Overview Charts and Course Data

Below the overview charts on the course report, you’ll see a list of all the Simplylearn courses, their enrollment data, and the status of progress and completion. You can sort data by any column heading or use the search field to find a particular course.

It’s possible to download a report in Excel or CSV format that shows general data for all courses.


Keep Track Of Your Participants

You can easily go into each of your participants and see how far they’ve come in the course, read their assignment answers, and give responses to each participant. This way you will have a full overview and can easily give follow-up to the various people doing your course.

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