Good overview with course and user reports

SimplyLearn offers very useful reporting tools for admins to keep track of courses and participants’ progression.

Published 1 August 2020
Andy West

Andy West


As users make their way through course content completing modules, lessons and assignments, SimplyLearn records this information for you as an administrator. In our Learning Management System you can find a Reports link with an overview of all courses in your platform. From this menu, you can find reports from specific courses and the users within them. But why is this important?

Course Data

Course data is important for you as a course creator as this data can be used to improve your course content. If users are consistently racing through your course, then this might be a sign that the content is too simple and could be edited. If there’s a section where users consistently take a lot of time or leave unfinished then it is a sign that the content needs improving.

This is the same for assignments. If your participants are repeatedly failing the assignment, then maybe it needs to be readjusted to reflect the course content. Or if all participants receive 100% on the first attempt then maybe the assignment is too easy (and probably boring).

With SimplyLearn, you can see these metrics and keep track of your participants progress. Below the overview charts on the course report, you’ll see a list of all the SimplyLearn courses, their enrolment data, and the status of progress and completion. You can sort data by any column heading or use the search field to find a particular course.

Keep Track Of Your Participants

We also have the user reports feature. You can easily access reporting on each of your participants and see how far they’ve come in a course, read their assignment answers, and give responses to each participant individually. Using this tool you can quickly and easily have a full overview of user progress and can easily give follow-up to the various people doing your course.

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