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Configure various email notifications to be sent out automatically in response to learner actions or inactions.

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Introducing a New Era of Learner Engagement

Elevate learner engagement within your SimplyLearn courses with our innovative add-on. Ensure that various notifications are automatically sent based on learners’ actions and inactions in a course. This tool is perfect for enhancing engagement, motivation, promotions, and cross-selling.

Add-On Features

Automated Notifications: Set up and automatically send notifications as learners interact with your LMS based on your customised settings.

Customisable Triggers: Choose from a range of triggers to send notifications tailored to specific courses, modules, lessons, or tests, or create global settings. Triggers include:

  • User enrolls in a course
  • User completes a course
  • User completes a module
  • A scheduled module becomes available to a user
  • User completes a lesson
  • User passes a test
  • User fails a test
  • User completes a test
  • An assignment is uploaded
  • An assignment is approved
  • User hasn’t logged in for “X” days
  • “X” days before a course expires
  • Essay question has been graded

Delay notifications: Choose to send notifications immediately or set a custom delay (in days) for message delivery.

Dynamic shortcodes: As you configure your notification triggers, incorporate dynamic shortcodes in your messages to display personalised information such as course details, user information, module titles, test scores, and more.

Flexible recipient options: Select the recipients of the notifications, including the user, the user’s group leader, and/or the site admin.

Experience a transformative approach to learner engagement with SimplyLearn’s advanced notification add-on, designed to keep your learners informed, motivated, and connected throughout their educational journey.

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