Challenge Exams

Users normally are on different steps when it comes to knowledge. With the Simplylearn Challenge Exam, you can let users with more advanced knowledge complete courses faster, by answering a set of questions before starting the course. This allows them to finish courses they already know, and gives them more time to focus on the courses they need to learn from.

When assigning a Challenge Exam to a course, users need to first go through it and answer the questions you have added, and based on the results they can either continue on to the next course, or they have to go through it to complete it. Users that answers all questions correctly, automatically complete the course and get the option to move on, everyone else gets to start the course as normal.

Creating a Challenge Exam

You create a Challenge Exam in a similar way as you create other Simplylearn content, and you can find it as a separate menu tab in your Simplylearn menu:

  1. Navigate to Simplylearn > Challenge Exams
  2. Click on the Add New button at the top right of the screen

When creating the Challenge Exam, simply follow the directions given to you in the creator page. The title will display on the top of your test, so you may want to call it something that explains what this is. The questions and answers you edit by clicking on them and adding your desired text. You can also add optional fields as a description, as well as correct and incorrect answer messages.

By selecting the question section, you get the option of changing the Question Type to either Single or Multiple, depending on if you want the possibility of having multiple correct answers or not. A single question has one correct answer, and you can therefore only select one of the answers. With a multiple question you can select as many answers as you want, giving you the option of having more than one correct answer. Remember though, all the correct answers must be selected by the user for it to count as a correct answers.

You add answers by clicking on the Add Answer section and add your choices. When you add answers, a new one automatically appears, should you need more than the two that’s there originally. The Correct/Incorrect button turns blue for the answers you have added, giving you the ability to choose which ones are the correct (only one correct answer is possible for a single question).

You add more questions by clicking on the big plus sign at the bottom of the current question. If you want to remove one of the questions, you select the desired question and click on Options -> Remove Challenge Exam Question (Windows: Shift+Alt+Z / Mac: ^⌥Z).

Optional fields

For each question, you have three different optional fields you can add. When editing the answers, or the description field, the option to add correct or incorrect answer messages appears. With the description, you also have the ability to add Media in addition to text. If you add one or both of the different answer messages, these will appear when the users view their questions.

Challenge Exam Settings

When you are done setting up the content of your Challenge Exam, you would want to assign it to a course. This can be done by moving over to the Settings tab. Here you get the options of New Enrollees Only, as well as Challenge Exam Course Show and Challenge Exam Passed Course. You also here get the option to edit the messages that appear after completing the test, and the URL and label of the button.

  • New Enrollees Only: Choose whether or not only users that hasn’t started the course will be able to access the challenge exam
  • Challenge Exam Course Show: Choose which course you want the Challenge Exam to appear on
  • Challenge Exam Passed Course: Select which course that should be marked as complete when user passes the Challenge Exam

NOTE: You can select a different course to complete than the course it appears on, but the user needs to already be enrolled in that course for this to work.

Message, Button and URL

The message that appears after completing the Challenge Exam, is divided into Passed and Failed. You are able to edit the message itself, as well as customize the button label and URL:

  • Challenge Exam Button Label: The Passed label lets you decide what text appears on the button when a user passes the Challenge Exam, and the Failed label lets you decide what text appears when a user fails
  • Challenge Exam Redirect URL: Here you can decide where the user should be redirected to when clicking on the button after the user passes or fails. If no URL is set here, the button will redirect back to the course that is configured in the Challenge Exam Course Show setting above.
  • Challenge Exam Message: This is where you put the message you want to appear when the user passes or fails the Challenge Exam. You can also add media here if you want.

When you have done setting up your Challenge Exam, all you have to do is hit Publish and it will be live and ready for your users to take.

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