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Categorize and order custom layout templates

You can create categories to organize your custom layout templates when they are displayed in Page Builder. You can also change the order with which the categories and templates within each category are listed. This organization makes it easier for you and your clients to find the right template for a new page.

Notes:        You can also categorize saved rows and modules, but the categories only appear when you use the Agency white labeling feature. 
        You need more than one category for this feature to work.

For example, suppose you want to group your templates into two categories:  Custom landing pages and Custom contact pages. The following procedure uses this example in the screenshots.

1. Create custom layout template categories

  • In the WordPress admin panel, click Builder > Categories  or Templates > Categories
  • Add a new category name, slug, optional description, and click Add New Category.

2. Assign a category to each custom layout template

  • In the WordPress admin panel, click Builder > Templates or Templates > All templates 
  • Click Edit to open each custom layout template and assign one or more categories to each of them.
  • Click Update to save each template.

3. Reorder categories or templates

The easiest way to reorder categories and templates (which are a custom post type) is to use one of the WordPress plugins that let you reorder custom post types and categories by dragging and dropping. The plugins reorder the Order post attribute, but it does it in the background as you drag and drop and saves you the trouble of editing every layout template.

4. Check the results in Page Builder

  • Open a page for editing in Page Builder.
  • In the Content panel, click Templates and expand the group selection to view the custom layout templates list with categories. Click through to check the order of the templates themselves.

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